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add children's books for social emotional learning

10 Remarkable Children’s Books for Social Emotional Learning Topics

Social emotional learning is a critical component of student success. It’s no longer an intervention consideration for our most needy

Independent reading ideas for middle and high school ELA

Clever New Twists on Book Clubs and Literature Circles

Tired of the same old, same old with book clubs or literature circles? Needing a fresh approach? You’ve come to

Engage reluctant readers with high-interest books for reluctant readers. Middle school ELA and high school ELA classroom library options.

High-Interest Books for Reluctant Readers

What high interest books for reluctant readers will you stack in your classroom library? These middle school and high school

What must teach novels do you teach?

National Reading Month: Must-Teach Novels

March is National Reading Month. As we reflected on the best discussions, the most impact, the best ways to celebrate.

Ideas for using picture books in the secondary classroom #PictureBooks #HighSchoolELA #LiteratureLessons

Using Picture Books in Middle and High School

Wanting to use picture books in the secondary classroom? Perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin. Or, maybe you’ve already

Teaching short stories? Meet standards, provide student choice, and encourage differentiation with these teaching ideas. #ShortStories

Short Story Lesson Plans

Short stories can provide diverse and fun lessons. With those lessons, you can pack in mentor sentences, student choice, writing

Teaching Shakespeare? Read different approaches for connecting these plays to today's students.

Teaching Shakespeare to Today’s Students

Melissa’s Methods When prepping for Shakespeare lessons, prepare students for the content and provide multiple scaffolding opportunities. Melissa also varies

Figurative language teaching tips, poem selection, and lesson ideas #HighSchoolELA #FigurativeLanguage

Figurative Language: Poems and Activities

Teach figurative language meaningfully with purposeful literature selection and engaging activities.

Encourage a love of reading in your ELA classroom with both independent reading and classroom novels. Find the approach that will work best for you and your students. #HighSchoolELA #LanguageArts

Whole-Class Novels and Choice Reading

Teachers can successfully incorporate both whole-class novels and choice reading in middle and high school. This post provides some specific ideas for middle and high school teachers.