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Teaching English summer school can be a rewarding experience with engaging and well-researched lessons. Help students in recovery credit with these summer school ideas. #HighSchoolEnglish #LanguageArtsLessons

Teaching English Summer School

Teaching English summer school courses can be a rewarding experience. Students understand they need the credits, and teachers often have flexibility.

As a teacher, you'll sit on committees with coworkers, see them long into the night during parent-teacher conferences, and depend on them for help.

Building Professional Relationships as a Teacher

The way you build professional relationships as a teacher matters. Intentionally work with other teachers to build camaraderie a sense of purpose.

ELA learning stations that engage students while adding differentiation and movement #LearningStations #MiddleSchoolELA #HighSchoolELA

ELA Learning Stations that Maximize Student Engagement

Wondering how to differentiate, engage, add movement, and do #allthethings? ELA learning stations are a great place to start.

5 ways to use graphic organizers in the classroom to elevate thinking #GraphicOrganizers #MiddleSchoolELA #HighSchoolELA

10 Essential Graphic Organizers for Differentiation in ELA

Graphic organizers are an amazingly convenient way to elevate thinking in any classroom. Here are ten of my favorite organizers that provide access points for all readiness levels.

How can you meaningfully use rubrics in the secondary ELA classroom? Follow these guidelines for creating and implementing rubrics. #HighSchoolELA #MiddleSchoolELA

Using Rubrics in the Secondary ELA Classroom

Using rubrics in the secondary ELA classroom will benefit students in a variety of ways. Take a look at these two processes for creating and using rubrics.

16 ways to incorporate art in English Language Arts classrooms #MiddleSchoolELA #HighSchoolELA #LessonPlans

Adding Art to English Language Arts

How can you add art to English Language Arts classes without it being “fluffy?” Read about how to use it as a powerful instructional tool.

Searching for ways to develop a culture of literacy in your secondary classroom? Two teachers share simple ways to engage students and build a love of literacy.

Creating a Classroom Culture of Literacy

Melissa’s Approach Melissa presents ten ways to create a reading culture in your classroom. As a reading specialist, she suggests

How can you help middle school students transition to high school? Two teaches share their methods and tricks after dozens of years of teaching freshmen. #MiddleSchool

Transitioning to High School

How can you help middle school students transition to high school? Two experienced teachers explain their tricks.

Ideas for working with teens over the summer months #SummerSlide #MiddleSchoolELA

Summer Slide and Teens

Ideas for avoiding the summer slide with older students…

ELA curriculum for the first nine weeks? Two approaches to meet standards and build relationships with students.

First Nine Weeks of ELA

Where do you start with a new ELA class? Here are two ways to teach the first nine weeks of ELA.