ELA Lesson Plans: What to Teach in September

Wondering what to teach in September? In this post, you’ll find different approaches for writing, grammar, vocabulary, and literature.

Looking for secondary ELA resources for back-to-school? Start the year by building relationships and creating a strong classroom community with these ideas.

12 Back-to-School Essential ELA Activities and Lessons

Heading back to school can be stressful for teachers. The ladies of ELA Today have twelve ELA activities and lessons to save the day.

Teaching nonfiction? Here are some lesson plans to keep students engaged and thinking critically. #HighSchoolELA #TeachingNonfiction

Nonfiction Lesson Plans

Searching for nonfiction lesson plans? Keep reading. In today’s post, Lauralee and Melissa are sharing some tips for success with middle and high school students.

Digital activities are in our classrooms, and like with anything else, our activities must be meaningful. #DigitalClassroom

Make Class Videos Meaningful

Digital activities are in our classrooms, and like with anything else, videos must be meaningful. In today’s post, Melissa and Lauralee break down how they make the most of every movie or show clip.

Searching for ways to develop a culture of literacy in your secondary classroom? Two teachers share simple ways to engage students and build a love of literacy.

Creating a Classroom Culture of Literacy

Melissa’s Approach Melissa presents ten ways to create a reading culture in your classroom. As a reading specialist, she suggests

How can you help middle school students transition to high school? Two teaches share their methods and tricks after dozens of years of teaching freshmen. #MiddleSchool

Transitioning to High School

How can you help middle school students transition to high school? Two experienced teachers explain their tricks.

Ideas for working with teens over the summer months #SummerSlide #MiddleSchoolELA

Summer Slide and Teens

Ideas for avoiding the summer slide with older students…

Grammar review games and activities for middle and high school ELA #HighSchoolELA #GrammarActivities

Engaging Grammar Review

Searching for engaging grammar review ideas? You’ll find them here.

ELA curriculum for the first nine weeks? Two approaches to meet standards and build relationships with students.

First Nine Weeks of ELA

Where do you start with a new ELA class? Here are two ways to teach the first nine weeks of ELA.

Figurative language teaching tips, poem selection, and lesson ideas #HighSchoolELA #FigurativeLanguage

Figurative Language: Poems and Activities

Teaching figurative language can be one of the most engaging parts of an ELA class. Plan purposefully to incorporate literature purposefully, and hook students from the start!

Teaching grammar? Let's explore common debates, hesitancies, and questions. #HighSchoolELA #grammar

Teaching Grammar: Addressing the Debates

Tired of feeling tugged in too many directions regarding effective grammar instruction? Let’s explore the debates.