Adding Art to English Language Arts

How can you add art to English Language Arts classes without it being “fluffy?” Read about how to use it as a powerful instructional tool.

10 fresh February ELA lesson plans for middle and high school English Language Arts classrooms

10 February ELA Lesson Plans

February can be a tough month in the classroom! Both teachers and students tend to feel bored and restless. Keep things fresh with these engaging February ELA lessons.

Task cards are appropriate for secondary students. Here are five reasons to use task cards with high school students.

Five Reasons to Use Task Cards with Secondary Students

Task cards are appropriate for secondary students. Here are five reasons to use task cards with high school students.

Engaging ELA lessons and activities to keep students learning all year long! #MiddleSchoolELA #HighSchoolELA

20 Engaging ELA Activities

Needing a fresh dose of inspiration? Here, you’ll find TWENTY unique and engaging ELA activities for older students.

How can you dress stylishly and professionally as a teacher? Follow these tips to building a teacher wardrobe. #NewTeachers #TeacherWardrobe

Teacher Wardrobes on a Budget

How can you build a teacher wardrobe on a budget? Follow these tips for shopping sensibly and dressing professionally.

10 January Language Arts Lessons

January can seem like a LONG month as teachers. Here are ten ELA lessons to get you through the winter.

10 holiday lesson plans for the month of December #MiddleSchoolELA #HighSchoolELA #HolidayLessons

10 December Lesson Plans for ELA

‘Tis the season to keep secondary students ENGAGED! We have some meaningful tricks up our sleeve. They come packed with tidings and joy.

Ideas for using picture books in the secondary classroom #PictureBooks #HighSchoolELA #LiteratureLessons

Using Picture Books in Middle and High School

Wanting to use picture books in the secondary classroom? Perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin. Or, maybe you’ve already

Language arts lesson plans for November are here! Enjoy these tips and freebies for ELA middle school and high school classes. #ELA #MiddleSchoolELA

November Lesson Plans for ELA

November in the middle or high school classroom can be a trying time for students and teachers. Keep students engaged

Teaching short stories? Meet standards, provide student choice, and encourage differentiation with these teaching ideas. #ShortStories

Short Story Lesson Plans

Short stories can provide diverse and fun lessons. With those lessons, you can pack in mentor sentences, student choice, writing

Teaching Shakespeare? Read different approaches for connecting these plays to today's students.

Teaching Shakespeare to Today’s Students

Teaching Shakespeare? You can teach his plays in meaningful ways for modern students.