add children's books for social emotional learning

10 Remarkable Children’s Books for Social Emotional Learning Topics

Social emotional learning is a critical component of student success. It’s no longer an intervention consideration for our most needy

Independent reading ideas for middle and high school ELA

Clever New Twists on Book Clubs and Literature Circles

Tired of the same old, same old with book clubs or literature circles? Needing a fresh approach? You’ve come to

One-day English lesson plans can cover the writing process, vocabulary, media literacy, and persuasive techniques.

One Day ELA Lesson Plans

Have a day to fill? Some may call them lame duck school days. Others may just call them inconvenient. Whether

10 Lesson Plans for Teaching English Online #HighSchoolELA #MiddleSchoolELA #DistanceLearningTpT

10 Refreshing Online Lessons and Activities for Secondary ELA

Online lessons can help teachers reach students at home, at school—with flexibility and fun. If you’re looking for online lessons

Engage reluctant readers with high-interest books for reluctant readers. Middle school ELA and high school ELA classroom library options.

High-Interest Books for Reluctant Readers

What high interest books for reluctant readers will you stack in your classroom library? These middle school and high school

Building relationships with secondary students is an important part of strong classroom management.

Building Relationships with Secondary Students

Melissa’s Thoughts In Melissa’s classroom, she provides praise, learns about her students as learners, and gives support and choice. When

What must teach novels do you teach?

National Reading Month: Must-Teach Novels

March is National Reading Month. As we reflected on the best discussions, the most impact, the best ways to celebrate.

Virtual classroom setup and organization ideas for middle and high school #MiddleSchool #HighSchool #VirtualClassroom #ClassroomSetup

Virtual Classroom Setup: Organization and Design Ideas

Did you stumble upon this post after searching the web for online classroom setup or organization ideas? Designing a physical

Timely ELA activities for every month of the school year! #MiddleSchoolELA #HighSchoolELA #TeachingELA

ELA Activities for Every Month of the School Year

Every teacher needs inspiration from time to time. Often, we find that inspiration from our friends or the online teaching

Grammar lessons: organizing your grammar activities and teaching grammar in context.

Teaching Grammar and Organizing Grammar Lessons

Teaching grammar can be overwhelming, but we do not want you to feel lost with grammar lessons. Meeting language standards