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Grammar lessons: organizing your grammar activities and teaching grammar in context.

Teaching Grammar and Organizing Grammar Lessons

Teaching grammar can be overwhelming, but we do not want you to feel lost with grammar lessons. Meeting language standards

Ideas for using picture books in the secondary classroom #PictureBooks #HighSchoolELA #LiteratureLessons

Using Picture Books in Middle and High School

Wanting to use picture books in the secondary classroom? Perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin. Or, maybe you’ve already

Grammar review games and activities for middle and high school ELA #HighSchoolELA #GrammarActivities

Engaging Grammar Review

Lauralee: Purposeful Grammar Activities Looking for grammar activities that will make students smile? Teachers review grammar with students to clarify

Teaching grammar? Let's explore common debates, hesitancies, and questions. #HighSchoolELA #grammar

Teaching Grammar: Addressing the Debates

Lauralee: The Controversy Grammar needs to be taught. How we cover it is the difference. If you are an ELA

Mentor Sentences

Read about how you can use mentor sentences to combine grammar and writing authentically.