Teaching Grammar: Addressing the Debates

Lauralee: The Controversy

Grammar needs to be taught. How we cover it is the difference.

If you are an ELA teacher on social media, you’ve likely seen the meme that quotes this page from NCTE, the one that references grammar as a skunk in the garden party of ELA. In this post, Lauralee explores why this quote circulates through social media. Let’s examine some possibilities that have a historical perspective.

Melissa: Common Questions…Answered

Let’s consider some common and controversial questions about grammar instruction:

  1. What’s the best way to begin? Is direct instruction out?
  2. Are all grammar concepts important?
  3. Is memorization necessary?
  4. Are worksheets bad teaching?
  5. How can I add rigor to grammar instruction?
Confused about grammar? Let's explore some common debates and questions to discuss effective instruction. #HighSchoolELA #teachinggrammar
Grammar Debates: Best Practices and Answers to Common Questions
#TeachingGrammar #HighSchoolELA

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