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Independent reading ideas for middle and high school ELA

Clever New Twists on Book Clubs and Literature Circles

Tired of the same old, same old with book clubs or literature circles? Needing a fresh approach? You’ve come to

Engage reluctant readers with high-interest books for reluctant readers. Middle school ELA and high school ELA classroom library options.

High-Interest Books for Reluctant Readers

What high interest books for reluctant readers will you stack in your classroom library? These middle school and high school

Language arts lesson plans for November are here! Enjoy these tips and freebies for ELA middle school and high school classes. #ELA #MiddleSchoolELA

November Lesson Plans for ELA

November in the middle or high school classroom can be a trying time for students and teachers. Keep students engaged

Figurative language teaching tips, poem selection, and lesson ideas #HighSchoolELA #FigurativeLanguage

Figurative Language: Poems and Activities

Teach figurative language meaningfully with purposeful literature selection and engaging activities.