November Lesson Plans for ELA

November in the middle or high school classroom can be a trying time for students and teachers. Keep students engaged and meet standards with these lesson plans for November.

Grammar Stations

While I do provide direct instruction with grammar, my larger goal is always to make grammar a normal part of ELA. To do that, we complete a variety of activities, including grammar stations. Doing so encourages student discussion and allows me to circulate among students.

Grammar in Workshop

In November, you may be well into a workshop rhythm. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to fit in grammar. It’s best when we can make strong connections between grammar and what students are reading and writing. Use these mentor sentences from high-interest young adult fiction to reinforce sentence structure lessons.

Choice in Literature

Whenever possible, I ask students to show me what they know. How? I let them choose what topic is meaningful to them. I provide several copies of graphic organizers and encourage them to elaborate. Each graphic organizer provides different opportunities for students to showcase their knowledge.

Vocabulary Review

Now that your students have been introduced to a range of vocabulary words for the semester, don’t forget to provide them with meaningful opportunities to review the words. Push students’ thinking and accelerate learning by leveling up your vocabulary instruction with choice writing assignments or creative, digital activities for any vocabulary words.

Test Prep Cards

Older students will spend time prepping for standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. Add these free task cards to your rotation for work on misplaced and dangling modifiers, pronoun antecedent problems, structure errors, and more.

Thankfulness Writing

Sometimes, a dose of gratitude is exactly what the doctor ordered at the start of cold and flu season. When the weather gets drab and the germs begin spreading, we can all use a reminder of what we have to be thankful for. Both writing and receiving these emails and letters can fill us with joy. Here is a free download to help your students get started.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Public speaking and writing students should study ethos, pathos, and logos. Engage students with commercials and analyze how these short (but very entertaining!) videos persuade viewers.

Thanksgiving Idioms

Need a one-day holiday activity or sub plan for the month of November? Study figurative language by analyzing the literal and figurative meanings of some popular English holiday idioms! This activity is fun for students to complete with small groups, partners, or individually…either online or in person.

Peer Editing

Most students need more than a simple checklist with peer editing. This interactive activity requires interaction and attention to detail. You can have students work in groups or with one other person.

Fall Writing Lessons

Looking for unique ways to incorporate writing this month? Try out a few of the Thanksgiving writing activities described in this post. You’ll find inspiration for everything from emails of gratitude to turkey pardon pleas.

Language arts lesson plans for November are here! Enjoy these tips and freebies for ELA middle school and high school classes. #ELA #MiddleSchoolELA

Are you thinking ahead? Try these December lessons.

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