Mentor Sentences

Read about how you can use mentor sentences to combine grammar and writing authentically.

Lauralee: Interactive Notebooks

In this post, read about how Lauralee from Language Arts Classroom suggests using mentor sentences with interactive notebooks to provide choice and differentiate.

Melissa: Narrative Leads

Melissa from Reading and Writing Haven wrote an article detailing several ways we can make grammar and writing practice fun by using mentor sentences from high-interest young adult literature.

As always, there’s more than one way to teach ELA!

On YouTube

Prefer to listen? Watch our recent YouTube video in which we shared some of our favorite ideas for mentor sentences.

Ideas for using mentor sentences in middle and high school ELA
Mentor sentences save ELA teachers SO MUCH time because their use can meet multiple standards. Here's how secondary English teachers implement mentor sentences.
Mentor sentences – teaching ideas for middle school and high school ELA
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