Engaging Grammar Review

Lauralee: Purposeful Grammar Activities

Looking for grammar activities that will make students smile? Teachers review grammar with students to clarify rules for college entrance exams and student writing We review as we transition from one unit to the next. We also review grammar as we find examples in our reading and writing. Here are 10 grammar review activities to try.

Purposeful grammar activities can increase recall. With effective grammar lessons, your students will be meeting language standards.

Melissa: Grammar Games

Effective grammar instruction requires layering and engagement. Students need to be motivated to learn new concepts, and they benefit from a variety of learning opportunities, including exploring the overlap between grammar and writing. In this post, read about 6 grammar games to add value to review sessions.

On YouTube

Rather watch? In this video, Lauralee and Melissa discuss grammar review ideas for middle and high school.

Grammar review ideas, including games and activities for middle and high school ELA #GrammarGames #GrammarActivities

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