Adding Art to English Language Arts

Thinking of adding art to English Language Arts lessons? It’s a great way to capture students’ interest and encourage active learning. However, there are some best practices to consider. The posts linked in this article contain specific lesson planning suggestions and ideas to make it meaningful.

Lauralee’s Thoughts

While students might not always be able to verbalize what artistic forms help them the most, there’s no question that adding art to English Language Arts lessons strengthens their learning. Art helps students to form connections with course content. Read about how you can use art to highlight allusions, encourage expression, support notetaking, and teach grammar in this post.

Melissa’s Approach

Stick with artistic activities that truly add value to learning. Whether through brain-based strategies, kinesthetic experiences, visually-appealing photos, or graphic design, teachers can use art to engage students. In order to ensure a robust learning experiences, keep all art in English Language Arts tied to standards. And, never grade on artistic ability. Here are ELEVEN specific and creative lesson ideas.

We hope these ideas give you some new avenues for incorporating art in English Language Arts. As always, there is more than one way to teach ELA.

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