ELA Learning Stations that Maximize Student Engagement

Because they have the potential to encompass so many elements of student engagement, learning stations are a trending instructional practice. If you’re ready to dig into designing some for your classroom, maybe one (or both!) of our approaches will help.

Lauralee’s Tips

Dive into some engaging grammar stations. In this post, Lauralee emphasizes that flexibility and student choice are the keys to successful ELA learning stations. You’ll find suggestions for organizing the stations, fifteen fifteen different rotation activities, and guidance for making them count.

Melissa’s Tips

If you’re looking for ideas on differentiating ELA learning stations, adding some brain-based activities, building in differentiation, or incorporating movement, read this post. Melissa’s post also offers suggestions for designing stations and creating effective group work culture. When students stay focused, the teacher is free to meet with individuals and small groups for interventions and enrichment.

We hope these ELA learning stations posts help you to maximize the time you spend creating them and implementing them in your classroom!

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