20 Vocabulary Words

Looking to ramp up your vocabulary lessons? This blog post presents twenty vocabulary words with a variety of activities to make those words have meaning to students.

Melissa’s Approach

Melissa, the queen of vocabulary, covers ten vocabulary words with humor, paragraphs, and pictures. Not only will you add new words to your vernacular, but you will also find ways to incorporate new words into conversation with students. She even provides poems that will help teach the words.

Lauralee’s Method

Lauralee works with her students toward mastery of vocabulary through reading and writing, but she also throws in a side of grammar. Hitting language standards in meaningful ways can bore students, so she’s found that modeling and creating word walls help students learn vocabulary words. The higher standards for language are tough to reach, and she has ideas for hitting them.

As always, there are two ways to teach ELA. With vocabulary lessons, we hope to provide inspiration to you and your students!

Vocabulary lessons can be diverse and memorable. Tie some of these ideas into vocabulary activities, and try these 20 vocabulary words. #VocabularyLesson

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