Teacher Wardrobes on a Budget

Melissa’s Ideas

Not sure where to start with building or revamping your teacher wardrobe? Start by being kind to your feet, matching flowy pieces with straight ones, and being bold. Melissa highlights the best places to find timeless outfits you can dress up or down to fit your mood and occasion. Check out her list of favorite teacher outfit combinations and stores.

Lauralee’s Plan

Stick with basics that you can layer and mix and match! Three different tops and pants can be switched and then when you add a sweater or different flats, your wardrobe becomes endless. Sure, add a few favorites and a dynamite outfit for conferences and meetings, but overall, your wardrobe can be simple, inexpensive, and still work for you.

How can you dress stylishly and professionally as a teacher? Follow these tips to building a teacher wardrobe. #NewTeachers #TeacherWardrobe

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